Equipment for aeration of water reservoirs and fish rearing in ponds

AQUA ALLIANCE LLP is the official representative in Kazakhstan and Central Asia of a well-known manufacturer of equipment for fish farming and rearing in ponds and fish farms — Salmo.Ru.

The problem of water aeration is successfully solved with the help of aerators. Aeration units produced by Salmo.Ru are used effectively for fishery waters, biological sediment ponds, recirculating aquaculture systems, floating load biofilters. By now, Salmo.Ru has produced several thousands of aerators of various types which work successfully in Russian and other CIS countries. Quality and reliability of our products have been checked and tested multiple times.

Safety of any water reservoir depends on sufficient oxygenation of water. Oxygen deficiency leads to sharp drop in capacity of ponds and causes summer and winter kill. Oxygen deficiency in adjoining water reservoirs leads to execution of anaerobic putrefactive processes occurring in the water column, especially in its seabed layer. In addition to fish kill, this is usually associated with appearance of an unpleasant odor and, ultimately, with water-logging.

Pond fish feeders

The second demanded type of fish-farming equipment is fish feeders. They enable not only to save feed and automate the process of dispensing feed, but also provide an optimal feeding schedule. We produce two types of feeders: with a pendulous device activated by a fish, and with electric drive controlled by a programmable controller.

Equipment for aeration of water reservoirs and fish rearing in ponds

Effective aerator Potok-Universal is suitable for most water reservoirs and has the maximum range of various functions. This model involves the best features of previous models of the Potok series: ability to work in fountain and directed fountain modes, to take water from the seabed layers for aeration, and to create a powerful directed flow deep into the water reservoir. The main difference of the new Potok-Universal aerator is the ability to supply a flow of aerated water to a depth of 2-2.5 m.

Aerator Potok-AK

Aerators – flow developers on round floats. They have a convenient carrying handle, and an ability to adjust the angle of direction of the water-air flow. They are suitable both for ice scouring in winter due to the ability to create a “breaker”, and for aeration of the seabed layers of water in reflection basins. The devices are equipped with single-phase induction motors with a capacity of 0.37 and 1.1 kW.

Aerator Potok-Duplex

Powerful professional aeration devices Potok-Duplex are made for large water reservoirs with a high fish-holding density and a pronounced oxygen deficiency. A feature of the aerators of this series is the installation of two motors directed in the same way and assembled on one floating module. There is a possibility to adjust the inclination angle of the motors in the vertical plane in the range from +15 to -30 °C, as well as in the horizontal plane in the range up to 15 °C. There are 4 modifications of the aerator with motors of different power. They can be used in reservoirs from 5 to 20 hectares or more.

Aerator Potok-Tandem

Potok-Tandem aeration devices with two motors of total capacity of 4,4 kW are the most powerful in the Potok aerator line. Aerator motors are located coaxially and directed in different ways. Such construction is suitable for processing elongated reservoirs and creating a flow along the cage lines. An adjustment is possible in the inclination angle of the motors in the vertical plane. The devices of the latest modification can operate in the semi-fountain mode.

Aerator Potok-Prichal

Stationary aerator Potok-Prichal can be installed in any suitable place on the shore – on the pier, under the bridge over the reservoir, etc. The device is universal – by fixing it in a certain place on the shore, you can easily change the flow direction, as well as select the necessary depth by lowering or raising the on-mount motor.

Aerator Potok-Zvezda

Rotatory cavitational aerators are characterized by an increased volume of air supplied to the water. They are suitable for installation in cages and between the cage lines, in ponds with earthen banks sensitive to erosion, pools in recirculating aquaculture systems.

Ascending Aeration Units

Such devices are necessary to prevent trout kill in summer in lakes where the water warms up to 22-24 degrees and above. Deep cold water contains little oxygen. However, passing through an ascending aeration unit (AAU), it is enriched with oxygen. To cool the water, cold water is supplied to the cage with the help of the AAU from a depth of up to 15 m, where it is usually not higher than 6-8 degrees. Trout is happy to come to the cold water stream and escape from overheating. Ascending aeration units (AAU) are also useful in winter, but warmer water is supplied to the cages in this case. Trout, approaching warm water, maintains a higher temperature, feeds more intensively and grows.


The floating fountain Potok-Aura is an aeration fountain for decorating water reservoirs at night. Special design creates a stream of water in an original shape resembling the body of a jellyfish. The illumination located under the fountain dome creates an unusual play of colors, from cold blue to bright red and deep green.


A compact low-capacity aerator for small ponds, including suburban and reflection basins, retains all key benefits of the Potok series professional devices.

Reflex Feeders

Pendulous floating pond feeders of the Reflex type are made for practical fish farmers. This is a direct cost savings for fish feed, as well as for keeping the pond clean and preventing fish diseases. There are models with holding tanks of 10, 25, 75, 120 and 380 liters.



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