Aqua Alliance fish feed is composed of the following ingredients: fish meal, dried blood, feather meal, fodder yeast, wheat flour, gluten, cod liver oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, vitamin-mineral complex, vitamins C, E, B are additionally introduced

The minimum order of feed is 2000 kg. If there are remnants of feed in stock, it is possible to order 20 kg (bag)

We work with a 100% prepayment. A deferred payment option is managed by exception.

We offer self-delivery (EXW Incoterms 2010)

Discounts are provided in case of conclusion of a contract for the supply of feed from 500 tons per year. Such options are managed by exception.

According to the results of numerous experiments, feeding ration of AQUA ALLIANCE feed in cage and pool rearing, depending on the conditions and weight for different types of fish, are: - for trout — 0,9-1,2; - for sturgeon — 1,2-1,5; - for siluridae — 0,8-1,2; - for cyprinid — 1,4-2,0.

The guaranteed shelf life of AQUA ALLIANCE feed is 6 months as from the date of production (subject to proper storage).



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